With big FPV names such as Mr Steele flying builds using the Alien, it didn’t take long before China went about creating a Clone.

The Martian 2 Frame comes in 2 sizes the 5” and 4” version with the original ImpluseRC Alien coming in a 4”, 5” and 6” version.

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Xframes Fpv Comparison

The oficial Specification of the Martian 2 are:
– Wheelbase: 230mm
– Material: Carbon fiber
– Weight: 165g
– 4mm carbon fiber arm
– 1.5mmm carbon fiber fuselage
– Recommand 2204-2208 motor
– Support up to 5 inch propeller

The original Alien frame is a great frame there is no denying it, however the Martian 2 frame compares well. If you take a look at the what you get for the price, you cant go wrong. With 4 arms, base plate, top plate and PBD as well as purple standoffs which look great.  The frame weighs in at 154 grams without the camera mount which is pretty solid and can take quite a beating! The Carbon fibre is real carbon fibre, and although it has a looser weave it is solid and has yeat to crack or break after many flights.

The Martian 2 frame description highlights that the parts can be used for replacements for the official Alien frame, however when they are compared side by side the parts do not fully line up.

For less then a 3rd of the price you cant go wrong with the Martian 2 !

The Martian 2 Frame is available from Banggood