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Runcam Swift 2 Review 

Given how much I enjoy flying with the Runcam Swift 2 I thought I’d write up a quick Runcam Swift 2 Review. Runcam has been making cameras for a number of years and the Runcam Swift 2 is a follow up to their exceedingly popular Runcam Swift FPV camera.
I picked up a Runcam Swift 2 as a replacement for the stock camera that came on my Eachine x220 Wizard after not being happy with the quality of the image on the supplied camera. I must say the Runcam Swift 2 has been a great replacement, giving great consistent video even in late evening light.

Runcam Swift 2 Review
Well Battered Runcam Swift 2 still going strong

Fitting the Runcam Swift 2 wasn’t too bad, Although the cable harness was different than that already on the X220 wizard, It didn’t take long to cut some cables and re-solder a new connection. The Runcam Swift 2 came supplied with 2 different cases with slightly different mounting options. It was simple to attach the camera to the mount and then attach the mount to the x220 Wizard giving a sturdy mount. The supplied mount allows for the camera’s angle to be secured and although it been through numerous crashes its still at the original angle I set it at.


The input voltage supports 5V, up to 36V. This ensures the camera can survive more hostile voltage spikes during the use of high throttle or frequent throttle changes.

There are 3 lens options available to meet all your FOV requirement (2.1mm 165°, 2.3mm 150°, 2.5mm 130°).


Overall I honestly love the Runcam Swift 2 and think it makes a cheap but solid addition to any FPV quad showing very little/if any latency.

The Runcam Swift 2 is available from Bangood for around $39.99 or £32  and comes in NTSC version and a PAL

The Package Includes:
1x Camera
1x Replaceable front case
1x Replaceable rear case
1x Aluminium bracket
1x Set of screws
1x 5D menu cable
1x 3pin FPV silicone cable
1x 5pin FPV silicone cable
1x 2pin extension cord for menu cable
1x Manual