FrSky  Taranis Q X7  Review

Score 5/5 $110 at  Bangood or £169 at Amazon

Thought as the younger brother of the  FrSky Tranais 9XD and 9XD + The Frsky Tranais Q x7 is, in my opinion, the 9xd brought up to date. With a modern feel and released in a range of colours, I fell in love with the Tranais Q x7 the second I saw it.  With the desperate need to update my ageing budget Turnigy 9X the great price for the Taranis Q x7 had me picking it up as quickly as possible, and now a real urge to undertake a FrSky Taranis Q X7  Review.

FrSky has been leading the way in transmitters for a number of years, the 9XD has taken the FPV Quad community by storm and is by far the most common and reliable radios you see out there. With the release of the FrSky Taranis Qx7, that could be all about to change.

The Taranis Q x7 is a solid Radio transmitter that uses the Frsky X series, D series and V8-II series receivers meaning that all of their modern receivers appear to work out of the box. Open TX is preinstalled and can be easily upgraded using the Open TX companion using this guide. I am currently running nightly builds as due to the newness, Opentx are adding updates and fixes at least weekly.  Due to running a Open Tx version that is very similar to the 9XD, You can use allot of the resources available to the bigger more expensive version. For example, voice packs such as Amber are easily available and are quick to install using guides such as here. This makes the  Tranais Q x7 far more fun to use especially if you add your own custom voice overs on switch changes etc.  Due to the similarities, the countless guides to setting up quads and timers can be borrowed from the 9Xd meaning there are thousands of guides out there on youtube.

Range Test

I have tested this radio in various locations and conditions and have no issues with range or losing telemetry.  The Internal  XJT module is the same module found inside the X9D.

Why choose the Q x7 over the 9XD

  • Extremely Similar in functioning to the X9D meaning there are hundreds of youtube videos and guides on setting it up.6dfa1a88-0d06-4b27-a3b0-62d3d1a52476
  • Better feel within the hand, Better grips in the rear and a more solid feel.
  • New addition twirl wheel for easier menu navigation
  • Same range and XJT Module as the 9XD
  • The price over $70 cheaper.
  • In my opinion far better visuals, the radio looks modern and solid.
  • Comes in Black and White currently but appears to be a range of new colours coming in May.

Another thing I love about the Qx7 is the USB port and how easy it is to plug into the PC and use it to fly on all of the simulators that I have tried to date. Although there are complaints about it being at the bottom, it has yet to be a issue for me.

The overall feel of the Taranis Q x7 is very solid, there are rubber grips on the back which aid in holding the radio and the plastic feels dense in the hands.  It doesn’t feel like a cheaper baby brother to the 9 XD.

Over the coming days, I intend to upload a basic tutorial on how to create your own voice files for the Frysky Taranis Qx7 and the Taranis 9XD.

Currently priced at $110 or £95 at  Bangood