Frsky XM+ Receiver Review

The XM+ radio receiver is a very small SBUS diversity receiver from Frsky.

Built to be light weight making it a perfect alternative to X4R-SB and XSR RX not only for micro quad builds but also for larger 5” frames.

The Xm+ is classed as being  a full range micro receiver which aims to give the same range as a X4R-SB receiver at a greatly reduced weight and size. Using the transmitter range test on the Taranis Qx7 I found little to no difference in ranges between the Frsky XM+ Receiver and the Frsky X4R-SB.

Only downside of XM+ RX is the lack of S-Port full telemetry which is usually access via the Smart Port., there is only RSSI telemetry. To access the RSSI there is a need to use a a dedicated solder pad and it’s also available on the 16th channel. The Binding and Failsafe process is identical to the other X series Frsky Receivers:

To setup up failsafe, power on both TX and RX. Set your TX channels to desire positions, and press the F/S button on the RX. The green LED should flashes and indicates F/S has been setup. Please confirm if F/S is now working as expected by turning off TX. To remove F/S, simply rebind the RX.