Eachine E010S  Review 65mm Micro FPV Racing Quadcopter with 800TVL CMOS Based On F3 Brush Flight Controller

Eachine E010S –  $54.99

Tiny Whoop’s and other micro quads have been taking the FPV scene by storm, their small size and indoor flying ability mean that the majority of flyers want one to play with when it’s raining outdoors.

Inductrix has been leading the way with their Tinywhoop, however, the more expensive price means that they can be a little costly for such a tiny thing. As such allot of Chinese manufacturers have started creating parts to make your own. Eachine has taken this a step further and put these parts together for an amazing price.

The Eachine E010S is a Micro Quad built for flying mostly indoors, Its small and weighs in at just 26g with a battery including the FPV camera.  Although I say its built for flying indoors, It flys great outdoors in low winds too, check out the video below.

The supplied battery gets around 2:50 seconds fly time, however, you can pick up more batteries at the rate of 5 for $15.99  with an included multi charger.

The Flight controller is tiny and bassed off of a F3 board, meaning that it can be flashed with Betaflight if you use the SP racing version and not Evo. This open source software can then be fully used to have freedom to change modes etc.

The Quad comes in 3 different versions, for different transmitter options. It can either come with a Frsky Receiver allowing for it to be used with transmitters such as the  Q x7 which is what I use. There is also a Flysky and DSM option.


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The Eachine E010s is great to fly indoor due to the prop guards and the low damage nature of it, it’s not the fastest of quads, but it stable and means that even if you do accidently crash into a chair or person you won’t be doing much damage if any.  Its small size means that you can

Its small size means that you can stick it in your bag along with your headset and transmitter and fly it anywhere, very few people are going to complain when a tiny Quad is flying around, unlike a racing Quad. This means that if your Video receiver has a DVR function you can record your video link and get great shots of places where people would usually frown at you flying FPV.

The Eachine E010S really is a great little fun Quad

My Recommendation if this is your first FPV purchase would be the following.

Needed to fly 

The Quad = Eachine E010S

Batteries – 5PCS Eachine E010S 3.7V 240mAh 45C + Charger


Transmitter –  Frsky Q x7    Read the Review here

Fpv Headset – Eachine VR D2 Pro

These last 2 items are not the cheapest you can buy, however they are items that you will use for the rest of your FPV life, or until you upgrade to even bigger and better things. They will both give you many many years of flying fun for a very reasonable price.