Ragg-e WBX 5 review Made by Ragg-e

The reason I love the Ragg-e Wbx 5 is its uniqueness, In a world of drab carbon fibre, sometimes its great to see something a little different flying around.  The Ragg-e WBX 5 is a British made,  205mm True X-Frame made of HDPE plastic. It comes in a range of colours with the purple yellow variant being my Frame of choice. The frame comes in a 5” prop variant.

Building the Ragg-e WBX 5 is a little bit of a challenge, the design allows for different options however the pre drilled holes don’t always work for all options including all in one ESC’s, as such you may need to drill extra cable holes in parts of the frame. However given that the quad is made out of HDPE plastic, it’s so easy to drill yourself with pretty much any drill bit. The frame does not come with VTX and USB Access holes so these can be decided by builder and holes drilled using a  M5 Drill or Craft Knife.

Being made out of HDPE means that the frame is slightly heavier than those made out of Carbon fibre. As such the Ragg-e WBX weighs in at 152 grams without any battery or components. This clearly makes it heavier than a Carbon fibre counterpart. Ragg-e has taken this into account and Made the WBX – 5 the same frame shape made out of carbon fibre, this weighs in at 83 grams for the frame alone. However for me the weight isn’t as much of an  issue unless you looking to race with it., I knew that it was heavy when I brought it, what I love about it is its uniqueness and its bright and vibrant colourings. If you really want to reduce the weight, Ragg-e do multiple carbon fibre plates which can be used as a straight replacement for the HDPE frame parts. Meaning that the frame can be made lighter, whilst keeping some of the aesthetic. There are also a number of Ragg-e designed 3d printable adaptions that can be printed on Thingaverse.

The Quad flys great, and god is it strong, no chance of the frame cracking like Carbon fibre would. The HDPE is solid as a rock and wont bend or crack even in a pretty high impact crash.

I honestly love my the Ragg-e WBX 5 especially for freestyle. Its fun, and that’s what Quad flying should be !!! Getting hold of the WBX 5 is dependant on what suppliers have them in your region. The offical website has a list of their suppliers.