Rotor Riot Runcam Swift FPV Camera Review

The Rotor Riot Runcam swift is a version of the Runcam Swift FPV Camera however with minor modifications made by the Rotor Riot team.

Rotor Riot are one of the biggest FPV Quad names on Youtube with some great videos showing off great FPV skills. Their recent branding deals have lead them to work with Runcam to Create the runcam Rotor Riot Special edition


One of the biggest changes to a normal Runcam swift is the new GoPro quality wide angle lens  which is meant to  give you a “clear picture with true colors, offering the widest angle without the distorting “fisheye” effect.” This lense change appears to be a standard swap out for a lot of the Runcam Guys and saves around $10 that a usual gopro lense replacement would set you back.  The Camera comes in a black shell with the Rotor Riot branding on the top!

The Camera is also meant to come with pre adjusted settings, however I’m unable to tell what these adjustments are in practice.  The  Rotor Riot Special edition only comes with IR block which means it’s not good for low light flying, however seeing as it’s designed for everyday daytime flying this shouldn’t be a issue.

If your looking for a Good FPV camera and are torn between a Runcam or the Rotor Riot you may aswell go for the Rotor Riot edition. The Lense is better then the standard lenses and you can get the Rotor Riot edition for the same price as the standard edition in the majority of retailers.