The Eachine Wizard X220 is a great Quadcopter which you can find out more about in my Eachine Wizard X220 Review here

If you fly a Quad copter enough eventually a motor is going to go. Your going to have a crash which bends a shaft or your going to damage the protective casing leading to it grinding. But what motors do you buy to replace the stock Eachine Wizard x220 Motors.


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Racestar BR2205 2300Kv

First recommendation would be the Racerstar BR2205 2300KV. These are pretty much a direct replacement / slight upgrade then the stock motors that are supplied with the X220 Wizard. Racestar make fairly good motors that don’t break the bank and can be picked up for $26.99 for 4 which is a great price. These Can be got from Bangood for this price but can be got quicker form amazon or eBay for a little more money.


Emax RS2205s 2300kv Motors

If your looking for a higher class of motor then you cant go wrong with the Emax RS2205s 2300kv Motors. These are a high end motor but you’ll see a considerable difference in performance. But they don’t come cheap and are usually around $19 each. With these motors you’ll be pushing the 20A ESC however I have yet to have one go out on me yet, Just be careful what props you use.  These can be got from Bangood for £19 for one.